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Team Hungary64-459
Team Vorspiel 153-538
Team München57-448
Team Frisør Montez41-574
OUTsiders PARIS – UNTUCKED55-652
Cargo Lyon40-630


Friday 19th July

10:00Team Vorspiel 1 – Team München11-9
17:00Cargo Lyon – Norway6-7
11:00OUTsiders Paris – Team Frisør Montez6-7
11:00Team München – Team Hungary10-5
12:00Norway – OUTsiders Paris11-7
12:00Team Vorspiel 1 – Team Hungary7-15
13:00OUTsiders Paris – Cargo Lyon17-12
13:00Norway – Team Frisør Montez8-3
14:00Team Hungary – Cargo Lyon15-7
14:00OUTsiders Paris – Team Vorspiel 110-13
15:00Team Frisør Montez – Team München9-13
15:00Team Hungary – Norway6-6
16:00Team Frisør Montez – Team Vorspiel 16-12
16:00Team München – Norway4-8

Saturday 20th July

10:00Cargo Lyon – Team Vorspiel 14-5
10:00OUTsiders Paris – Team München8-10
11:00Team Frisør Montez – Team Hungary8-11
11:00Team Vorspiel 1 – Norway5-9
12:00Cargo Lyon – Team München3-11
12:00Team Hungay – OUTsiders Paris12-7
13:00Cargo – Team Frisør Montez7-8

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