In Group B, the team Bavarian Vikings was a mixed team with players from both Norway and Team M√ľnchen in Group A. The Bavarian Vikings team was playing out of competition, and their matches did not count.

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Team Holland 45-348
Pan Copenhagen 49-338
Metalpigerne 35-336
SC Janus Cologne 44-324
Team Vorspiel 224-304
Bavarian Vikings


Friday 19th July

10:30Team Holland – Pan Copenhagen 10-12
10:30Metalpigerne – SC Janus Cologne9-7
11:30OUTsiders Paris – Team Vorspiel 21-7
11:30Pan Copenhagen – Metalpigerne9-6
12:30Team Holland – Outsiders Paris14-4
12:30SC Janus Cologne – Team Vorspiel 211-2
13:30Team Holland – Metalpigerne11-7
13:30Bavarian Vikings – Pan Copenhagen7-6
14:30SC Janus Cologne – OUTsiders Paris15-2
14:30Team Vorspiel 2 – Bavarian Vikings4-11
15:30Metalpigerne – OUTsiders Paris6-1
15:30Bavarian Vikings – Team Holland7-12
16:30Pan Copenhagen – Team Vorspiel 211-5
16:30SC Janus Cologne – Team Holland5-8

Saturday 20th July

10:30Metalpigerne – Bavarian Vikings9-8
10:30OUTsiders Paris – Pan Copenhagen4-8
11:30Bavarian Vikings – SC Janus Cologne6-7
11:30Team Vorspiel 2 – Team Holland (disq*)8-0
12:30Pan Copenhagen – SC Janus Cologne11-6
12:30Team Vorspiel 2 – Metalpigerne2-7
13:00OUTsiders Paris – Bavarian Vikings4-8

*Team Holland was disqualified in this match, since they used a player who suffered a disqualification after a red card in the previous match.

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